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The town of Rethimno is situated nearly in the centre of Crete’s northern part. Built on the ruins of the ancient Rithimna, it is divided in the Old Town and the Modern Town and there are about 30.000 inhabitants.

Its location is perfect for the visitor who desires to combine the pleasures of the sea with the exploration of the island as it is in the middle of Crete and has on its eastern part a 13 kilometre long sandy beach.

Rethimno started developing into a town during the period of the Venetian rule, when the Venetians thought that constructing a port between Chania and Heraklion was of essential importance. The town quickly flourished economically and culturally until it was conquered by the Turks in 1646 A.C. It remained under their dominion until 1898. Since then, Rethimno, as well as the rest of Greece, remained free until 1941 when it was enslaved again by the Germans until 1944. During that period there was a big number of casualties since all Cretans showed great opposition and fought the invader in every possible way.

Fortunately, Rethimno did not suffer from strong earthquakes like other Cretan towns, so a lot of historical buildings such as Venetian, Turkish and Cretan mansions and monuments are preserved in excellent conditions until today. This combination makes the Old Town really spectacular as it manages to combine three completely different civilizations.

The Venetian castle, the old port and the mansions match with the Ottoman minarets, the mosques and the cretan architecture houses forming a town that is full of contrasts and interesting spots  and turning it into an index mark for the visitors.

Who could actually resist  to a walk through its narrow, picturesque streets, who can refrain from admiring the art and the expertise of people who lived in more romantic times, who will not try dishes of Cretan cuisine in small, traditional restaurants spread throughout the old town or who will not take time to admire the imposing Fortezza Castle and its magnificent view?

The newest part of the town is still under development having as a landmark the Communal Garden, a true oasis full of plants and trees situated right at its heart.

The town’s economy is mainly based on tourism so there are all the necessary structures which will help the visitor have a great holiday.

We invite you all to visit our town hoping that you will love it as much as we do.


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